About Micro Network Care

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Software and assistance for Computers and Laptops

Micro Network Care is an independent software reseller and we specialize in providing, IT infrastructure management, remote IT services, data backup and retrieval. We are a reference on the market, with customer bases from Australia, UK, Canada, USA and globally

We provide softwares and support for some of the largest software companies like Microsoft®, Kaspersky®, Oracle®, Mcafee®, SAP®, VMware®, Symantec® but also for brands, such as Apple® Dell®, Sony®, Microsoft®, HP®, Samsung®, Acer®, Asus®, Toshiba® and many more. If you happen to face any issue with a bought on our website or already on your home or business computer, then remember that our efficient technicians are just a call away.

We work 365days, so you can reach us any time of the day and from anywhere.

Here is what you get from your purchase.

  • Depending on the products, Micro Network Carehonors the Software manufacturer’s warranty, even extending it in some cases
  • Assistance with software installation
  • Some of the best software prices on the market
  • Get Instant help to better the performance of your computer in few minutes.
  • Available access to assistance to assure the security of network and be virus free at very low price.